S.I.N.G. Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. S.I.N.G. stands for Save and Inspire the Next Generation. Our goal is to mold a new breed of musicians and artists who, thru mentorship, will become positive role models for our kids—the next generation.

The founder, Leon Patillo aka Mr. Leon, used to be the lead singer for the group Santana but decided to go solo and became a world-renowned Christian artist with gold and platinum albums and Grammy nominations. He has always had a heart for kids and have helped place over a thousand homeless kids into good, loving homes thru Koinonia Foster Homes Organization.

When he moved to Las Vegas, he met the General Manager of Findlay Toyota who has the same vision for the community and together, they collaborated on a concert called Rise Above. The objective of this concert is to let kids know that no matter what kind of situation they’re in, they could always Rise Above it!

Prior to that, Mr. Leon connected with GVBC to do a song for the American Heart Association which they performed for the participants of the American Heart Walk.

S.I.N.G.’s next project was a talent contest for kids, age 8-18. There were several preliminary rounds before the finals, which were held at the Findlay Toyota Showroom. The winners won cash, an opportunity to perform with Mr. Leon and be on the CD called You Begin Again.

Most of the songs on the CD were inspirational in nature but the most popular was a song called PS 23 with lyrics that we want kids to memorize since it is about Psalm 23 – “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures…”

Mr. Leon also visited charter and high schools to do the Rise Above Bullying Assemblies where he gave a presentation on how kids can use their gifts and turn them into gold.

A quote from Mr. Leon: “Our goal is to see the moral fiber in our youth. As a musician, I feel a sense of responsibility to do something about it. We have an opportunity to plant new seeds of decency and honor so this next generation can be inspired toward a more positive future…Just like someone took the time to pour into our lives, I would like to do the same for the next generation thru S.I.N.G.”

“Save a child, you save a life—save a gifted child, you save a generation.”



I promised our Lord decades ago, that I would love Him and love those around me. It continues to be a wonderful journey of seeing thousands and thousands, maybe even millions at this point, be saved and inspired by the songs written through me. Over the years we have affected multi-nationalities and age groups, spanning from grandchild to grandparents.

My concert presentations have always been as a solo artist but just recently, I have joined forces with my long-time friends from the Machaira Band.  We did our first gig together in a secular venue and it became obvious to us then, that this would be a great way to “catch fish.”  We’re calling the event, The Journey from Santana to Hosanna, where I give a dialogue in between songs to explain the transition. 

We will sing popular Santana songs, then give my testimony, followed by popular Christian songs and end it with an invitation.

We will also invite kids to perform a song with me called PS 23 (Psalm 23) so they could memorize the chorus which we pray will plant a seed that will germinate in their heart. It goes, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures…”

Here is an example of how we are using the song with kids.

If you would like to host us to do an outreach for you, please CONTACT US.


Aside from doing outreach concerts, another way we are taking the altar to the streets is to do a soul-winning, film that would also feature a suicidal youth who was able to rise above bullying.

We noticed that during the pandemic, youth were still committing suicide by 22% and it gave a signal to us that social media had a lot to do with those statistics going up.

Renee and I just happened to have a story that is very captivating, and we thought it would be a perfect tool to attract the hearts of the secular people!

The concept will be like the outreach we did over a 13-year period called, the Get Motivated Seminars with personalities like Colin Powell, Lady Thatcher, Michael Phelps and former United States presidents. It was geared towards entrepreneurs but mid-way the conference, we gave an invitation for people to make a confirmation of faith in a business type manner and had thousands to make that type of commitment.  In this case, (the movie) instead of thousands—we could have millions worldwide respond to the call.

If you would like to get involved in this project, the benefits would be:

-have your name in the credits

-being an extra in the movie

-walking on the red carpet at the premiere

I believe as we all join together, we can make this a very successful OUTREACH.

To reach us, click CONTACT and I will personally call you back.